Coming up this year:

ONE NIGHT ONLY! THE EMPIRE STRIKETH BACK (fundraiser event)  - Black Friday

A staged reading of Star Wars: Episode V, Shakespeare style


KING JOHN (staged reading) - Winter (date tbd)

The first installment of our brand new Histories series


JULIUS CAESAR (full show) - Ides of March/St Patrick's Weekend


THE TEMPEST (full show) - Memorial Day Weekend


Congratulations to Brittany Boeche for her Footlights People's Choice Award

for her role as Sir Toby Belch in Bard & Bourbon's Twelfth Night (Drunk)!

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We couldn't do what we do without the generosity and enthusiasm of our audience.  Have you loved our shows?  Do you just think there should be more of our kind of crazy in the world?  Consider donating to Bard & Bourbon!  Your donations will make our shows even more exciting by helping us buy everything from quality stage weapons (both steel weapons and drunk night safety weapons) to bulk priced whiskey.  Every dollar counts.  

So from the bottom of our hearts and glasses, thank you!

About Us

Bard & Bourbon is dedicated to performing beautiful, fully staged productions of classical works with a touch of irreverence.  Each production features small non-traditional casts playing multiple parts while getting one actor very drunk over the course of the show.

Bard & Bourbon strongly encourages responsible drinking! Our actors get drunk on a rotating schedule to ensure time to recover, have the rest of the cast watching out for them, and NEVER drive afterwards.  If you are planning on drinking with us, please take similar steps to ensure a safe and fun night of indulgence.