Julius Caesar (drunk)


March 13th 7:30 Pay-what-you-can Preview

March 14th-16th 7:30

March 17th 5:00

Marcus Center

Rehearsal Hall A

929 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202



General admission: $18

Students/Seniors/Military/Artists: $15


Creative team

Zachary Thomas Woods


Olivia Mauseth

Stage manager

Christopher Elst

Fight direcotr

Keighley Sadler

Set/Costume designer


Bryant Mason

Marcus Brutus

Keighley Sadler

Caius Cassius

Chris Braunschweig

Julius Caesar/Ghost/Strato

Susie Duecker

Mark Antony

Amber Regan

First Plebian/Trebonius/Calphurnia/Messala/Octavius' Servant

Sean Duncan

Second Plebian/Metelleus Cimber/Titinius/Popilius/Cobbler/Lepidus/Volumnius

Jackey Boelkow

Third Plebian/Casca/Lucius/Octavius/Flavius/Caesar's Servant/Dardanus

Rebekah Farr

Fourth Plebian/Decius Brutus/Portia/Pindarus/Carpenter/Soothsayer/Clitus/Messenger

About Us

Bard & Bourbon is dedicated to performing beautiful, fully staged productions of classical works with a touch of irreverence.  Each production features small non-traditional casts playing multiple parts while getting one actor very drunk over the course of the show.

Bard & Bourbon strongly encourages responsible drinking! Our actors get drunk on a rotating schedule to ensure time to recover, have the rest of the cast watching out for them, and NEVER drive afterwards.  If you are planning on drinking with us, please take similar steps to ensure a safe and fun night of indulgence.